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Canopée was chosen by ArianeGroup to transport the Ariane 6 launcher to Kourou.

Maritime company Alizés, Joint-Venture between Jifmar Offshore Services and Zéphyr & Borée, won a tender process launched by ArianeGroup.

Following the signature of the contract, Alizés will ensure the construction and the exploitation of the vessel specially designed for the transport requierments of Ariane 6.

Developed in partnership with naval design office VPLP Design, this hybrid ship measuring 121 meters will be named Canopée.

To face the current environmental issues, the boat will be equipped with four wing-sails which allows to cut-off fuel consumption by 30%. Additionally, the reduction of pollutant emissions (fine particles, sulfur oxide etc.) will be possible thanks to diesel/GNL engine.

« In view of the current environmental challenges, it is urgent to push forward the existing energetic model of the maritime transport and of service vessels in the energy sector (Oil & Gas/MRE) which is the heart of our market. We are proud to be part of this first sail cargo ship! » Jean-Michel Berud, President of Jifmar Offshore Services.

Those four wing-sails measuring 1450 m2 will allow an economy of up to 7200 tons of CO2 annually compared to a ship of the same size uniquely with standard propulsion.

« For 5 years we have worked on the development of sea transport with modern sails, it starts being clear that wind energy constitutes the future of shipping. We are looking forward to achieving this engagement from ArianeGroup of developing this first sail cargo ship which will be a precursor. » Nils Joyeux, President of Zéphyr & Borée.

The signature with a shipyard is expected early 2020. The first rotation between several European ports: Brêmen, Rotterdam, Le Havre, and Bordeaux and the port of Pariacabo located in the proximity of Guiana Space Centre in Kourou is planned for 2022.