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JIFMAR receives the “Charte Bleue” award from ARMATEURS DE FRANCE

On October 28th in Paris JIFMAR obtained the “Charte Bleue” award for its hybrid cargo ship, the Canopée. ARMATEURS DE FRANCE chose to reward the concentrate of innovations and the emblematic shape of the Canopée ship project carried out by JIFMAR.

The Canopée ship, owned by JIFMAR GUYANE, will be commissioned in 2022 and deliver to Alizées (a Joint Venture between JIFMAR and Zéphyr & Borée). She will transport parts of the Ariane 6 launcher from Europe to French Guyana. Equipped with conventional main propulsion and four automated wings, combined with a weather routing system to use wind energy, the Canopée will reduce its CO2 emissions by up to 30%.

The Jury unanimously selected this project as “a testimony of a concentrate of exemplary technological innovations that can be replicated on an industrial scale; sailing technology resulting from a transfer of knowledge from the regatta environment to maritime trade, an illustration of French and European know-how”. 

“Canopée is part of a long-term reflection within JIFMAR. For several years, we have been reducing the ecological footprint of our activities. Beyond sailing, we are working on projects for electric and hydrogen vessels. ” Jean-Michel Berud, CEO of Jifmar.

Charte Bleue: http://www.armateursdefrance.org/sites/default/files/publications/chartebleue_armateursdefrance.pdf

Source : Armateurs de France:http://www.armateursdefrance.org/presse/edition-2020-du-trophee-charte-bleue-jifmar-est-laureat-lda-recoit-prix-special-du-jury