Our talents

OUR talent

At Jifmar, we believe in empowering our employees, making them able to provide the best solutions to our clients.

You will be given as much responsibility as you can handle, supported by your mentors and seniors, and pushed to achieve your professional potential.

We offer excellent compensation packages to attract future leaders who are aligned with the company’s core values of safety, sustainability and innovation.

Diversity & Inclusion POLICY

Be Yourself, Be Diverse:

The best way to be is to be yourself. 
At Jifmar, we value people who are themselves. 
Our inclusion is reflected in our multicultural and diverse workforce, with 13 nationalities represented.
We believe diversity brings the best ideas and most innovative solutions, for creating a sustainable future and a safe place to work. Thus, a collaborative attitude, authenticity and desire to create are significantly valued in our recruitment processes.
Be yourself with us.
We do not discriminate on the basis of accessibility, gender, ethnicity, age or sexual orientation. 
We recognize that implementing gender equality* in the workplace is a critical issue and we ensure that our policy is appropriate.




Jifmar Group has 296 employees across 5 countries and 3 continents including manning.

Joining the JifAdventure means joining a rich community in terms of diversity of expertise, backgrounds and profiles working on innovative and dimensioning projects.



Our office teams are composed by engineers, superintendent, sales, human ressources, purchasing, legal, QHSE, accountability, travel and executives. 



Our teams of seamen are made up of versatile people and experts focused on the quality of service for our customers.



Jifmar Group is made up of young and ambitious teams as well as experienced employees bringing to the company its expertise and capacity innovation.


Jifmar prides itself on hiring young talent and giving them the rare opportunity to work and grow within an organisation which is well aligned with its own values.

 At Jifmar, we want to help you with your career progression.

We believe in developing our people and giving them the opportunity to be the best that they can be. 

Annual and professional maintenance

Each year you have a privileged moment with your manager in order to discuss about the past year and define the objectives of next year.

Career Management

We follow-up your skills and your progression in order to manage your career in Jifmar Group.


To make sure your integration is a success, we assign a godmother or a godfather who advises you and gives you all the keys to best adapt to your new environment.