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The birth of a cargo like no other

On the 7th of September, Jifmar & Alizée (JV between Zéphyr & Borée and Jifmar Offshore Services) CEO, Jean-Michel BERUD has visited the Polish shipyard of Neptune Marine with Martin de Kok, CEO of Neptune Marine, to take stock of the progress of the work ongoing on the CANOPEE cargo vessel that Jifmar Guyane has ordered, and will operate to fulfil the obligation of the project.

A few months after the start of the construction, we can definitely see the shape of the vessel. On the shipyard, everything is going in a good way and the construction is ongoing online with the planning. At this stage, 50% of the vessel has been built. The assembly of the entire cargo section is done, and the assembly of the machine blocks just started.

“It is always a very special moment to see the first curves of a vessel under construction, even more, when it’s a special project and a special vessel like this one. We are very impatient to launch the vessel and to start our operations and deliver industrial services by end of 2022 »
Jean-Michel BERUD CEO of Alizés and Jifmar Offshore Services.

If all goes well and if the rest of the construction also happens within the deadlines for the next few months of construction, the vessel will be operational and will be able to serve the customer so that this project takes shape by the end of 2022.