Come and get on board with us! At Jifmar, we believe in empowering our employees, making them able to provide the best solutions to our clients. If you are reactive, dynamic, self-reliant, adaptable and able to take initiative, we should be a perfect match:

The Jifmar Group in figures


362 talents are working within the Jifmar Group across 15 countries and over 3 continents.

Joining the JifAdventure means joining a rich community in terms of diversity of expertise, backgrounds and profiles working on innovative and dimensioning projects.

office employees

Our office teams are composed by engineers, superintendent, sales, human ressources, purchasing, legal, QHSE, accountability, travel and executives.


Our teams of seamen are made up of versatile people and experts focused on the quality of service for our customers.

Average age

Jifmar Group is made up of young and ambitious teams as well as experienced employees bringing to the company its expertise and capacity innovation.

Be yourself with us Diversity is a strength

OUR EDI (Equality, Diversity and Inclusion) POLICY :
At JIFMAR, we believe in the value of every individual, regardless of background, creed, gender, sexual orientation, ability or any other personal characteristic. We are committed to maintaining an environment where all people are respected, valued and included, thereby promoting diversity and equity within our organization.
We believe diversity brings the best ideas and most innovative solutions, for creating a sustainable future and a safe place to work. Thus, a collaborative attitude, authenticity and desire to create are significantly valued in our recruitment processes.
Empowering our employees, making them able to provide the best solutions to our clients is allow by diversity. We valuate teamwork and we are convinced that our managers have the responsibility to emphasize each employee strengths and gather all expertise’s to create success as a team as well as individually. Empowering our employees to help them growing as professionals is one of our drivers.

Integration & careers

At Jifmar, we value responsiveness. If you’d like to join us, here are the procedure: 

1. unsolicited application or application to a job offer.

2. 1st contact - phone interview

3. meeting

4. recruitment

5. onboarding (welcome & sponsorship.)

6. success story

Once you have joined the JifAdventure, we are committed to help you grow and develop as a professional but also as a member of a team. We spend more than half our time at work with our colleagues, so it’s very important to feel good at work. As part of your integration process, you’ll be assigned a mentor to help you get to know the company and how it works. Your manager will be your best ally in helping you progress and develop your career. Even if you will have a privileged moment with him/her in order to discuss about the past year and define the objectives of next year, he’ll be at your side at every step to encourage you and help you develop your career, just like the rest of the Jifmar team.