WorkboatS &

Shipowner since 2005, Jifmar provides its fleet of DP2, DP1 and non-DP multicat type workboats on a chartering basis to various industries. Modern and versatile, vessels are rigorously monitored allow us to serve our clients and partner even more successfully.

Jifmar and its subsidiaries provide high quality services according to BIMCO and IMCA standards.

Thanks to its engineering capabilities, Jifmar provides more than just a vessel to charterers, additional services go from stability and sea fastening studies, as well as specific engineering can accommodate at up to 15 passenger on board, method statement preparation and associated risk assessments.

Moreover, our vessels can accommodate pax onboard. Preparation of meals are made by a dedicated chef.

Working language on board are both English and French.  


In addition to its fleet of vessels, Jifmar owns ROVs and specific equipments dedicated to projects.

All this equipment is mobilized on Jifmar’s project but also open for rental.

With a fleet of 7 ROVs, Jifmar has developed a proven expertise in subsea inspection both inshore and offshore.

These ROVs can be mobilized worldwide and perform assets subsea inspection, pipe and cable surveys, touch down monitoring or subsea images.