Jifmar has the capability to perform in-house engineering for complex projects. Our team of 10 project and calculation engineers will liaise with the operational team to bring their practical experience return into procedures and method statements.

Jifmar will perform installation analysis and calculation as per recognized codes such as DNVGL-ST-N001.


Simulation of lifting operations at sea using vessel’s RAO (Response Amplitude Operator) and Orcaflex / Deeplines

RAO calibration by performing full scale decay tests, and comparison of the actual vessel motion and RAO

Jifmar Offshore Services - Engineering

Stability calculations using in-house software (JifStab), AutoHydro and spread sheets tools

Jifmar Offshore Services - Engineering

Improvement & refit of existing mooring systems (CBM and MBM), to achieve compliance with OCIMF standards

Jifmar Offshore Services - Engineering

Cable deployment analysis performed with Orcaflex & Deeplines, to validate the procedure for cable laying operations

Deck arrangement drawings, procedures and method statements in 2 and 3 dimension (2D/3D)


Jifmar develops its own, proprietary softwares to tailor suit specific needs: