Subsea pipeline inspection, ROV and pigging operation
Overhaul supervision
Life extension study / UWILD /Mooring integrity


  • Terminal management
  • Pilotage and mooring
  • Loading m


  • Maintenance operations
  • Hose inspection / inventory / change out
  • Routine Inspections (3-6 months, yearly, subsea...)
  • Critical component integrity management


  • Advisory service for O&M requirements
  • Geotechnical & geophysical campagin
  • SPM Installation

Advisory service for O&M requirements

Our experts are available during all phases of EPCI contracts to provide advise during feeds, design review, HAZID/HAZOP participation, Installation supervision or procedures cheking. 

Geotechnical & geophysical campaign

In collaboration with world’s leader Geo-data specialists, Jifmar offshore services can take care of site survey both geotechnical and geophysical.

CBM Installation

We have been involved in the terminal installation services for over 10 years. We provide a full installation service of loading/offloading terminals using our own marine resources and tools. Our installation vessels can also be used to lay flexible flow-line electric cables, or to support shallow water diving during construction.

Terminal management

Pilotage and mooring

Loading masterEmergency response

Founded in 2005 to service an oil terminal, we have evolved to satisfy any client request in term of terminal operations. Our qualified loading masters, pilot and specialists master all the aspect of an Oil and gaz terminal and the highest standards of safety.

Maintenance operations

Hose inspection/ inventory/ change out

Routine Inspections (3-6 monthly, yearly, subsea…)

Critical component integrity management

A terminal is usually in operation less than 50 % of its time, thanks to the versatility of our fleet, we are the best in class for all maintenance related activities. Our internal experts are worldwide recognized for their knowledge in SPM, CBM or hose management which warrant a high level of quality for these operations. 

Subsea pipeline inspection, ROV and pigging operation 

Overhaul supervision

Life extension study / UWILD /Mooring integrity 

Year after years we have developed tools and methodology to perform efficient and safe subsea inspections using both ROV and divers. Thanks to our internal methodology and our good relationship with terminals OEM we can extend the life of your assets beyond their original design life. 




To reduce scour (water erosion) around a wind turbine monopile, JIFMAR was contracted to install 405 sandbags