JIFMAR and its subsidiary Delta Marine are a strong partner to the offshore industry. With its DP2 fleet of vessels, JIFMAR intervenes from site characterization tooperation and maintenance of windfarms.

Since 2005, the company’s vessels have operated on more than 30 wind farms across Europe and in Taiwan supporting cable installation, performing route clearance or maintenance.

Thanks to its engineering capabilities and contractor mindset, the company has also managed the entire hook-up of the first French floating wind turbine: Floatgen.

With extensive knowledge of its team from the cable industry, JIFMAR is a natural and reliable partner for all kind of cable installation and removal.

The DP1 and DP2 vessels of the fleet are the right match to perform PLGR, cable shore ends, cable burial in shallow waters and various kind of support to cable installation. With its own fleet of ROVs, JIFMAR’s services to cable industry also goes to cable inspection and touch down monitoring.

With dedicated engineering teams, start-up DNA and in fleet vessels, JIFMAR is a reliable partner for pre-commercial devices installation and maintenance. JIFMAR can deliver EPCI services for all kind of tidal, and own fleet of vessels, T&I services for all kind of floating wave energy converters or other kind of marine devices.

We provide flexible, practical and expert knowledge to make your project a success.


JIFMAR has developed hands-on experience in Oil and Gas markets and more specifically in shallow waters areas.

JIFMAR is mainly operating in Western and Northern Africa and has set up logistical marine solutions towards E&P clients like Perenco, Assala Energy, Technip, Saipem.


With its affiliates in Senegal, Namibia and Mozambique, JIFMAR is proactively offering support towards the new Oil and Gas developments.




Jif Helios was first chartered to provide Dredging assistance


Since 2005, JIFMAR has developed various expertise around Civil Works.

Investing in multicat type vessels and tug boats which are well indicated for support to construction activities, the company has been working on many of the latest emblematic project in France and worldwide such has:

Recently, JIFMAR has decided to expand its civil works division from offshore to onshore with the acquisition of strong and powerful dismountable units to complete its fleet of modular barges.

JIFMAR is now capable to support you with unit from light daughter crafts to more than 50T bollard pull tugs and multicats.

As a one stop shop solution, JIFMAR provides a full set of equipment for your projects or to take full responsibility on some scopes of the projects both in in land espace and offshore waters.  



Murdoch BU Integration

JIFMAR OFFSHORE SERVICES was contracted by Orange Marine to perform on board of C/S Pierre de Fermat, ROV cable survey and three cable’s hook-ups in the vicinity of the Murdoch platform.


For 10 years now JIFMAR is providing Marine and Subsea solutions to various actors of the Defence sector. These activities show the high level of professionalism of the company.

On the Airspace Market JIFMAR has the ability to offer an integrated logistics support ranging from Ro-Ro services to launcher recovery and landing assistance.




JIFMAR was contracted by BOUYGUES TP to install the mooring lines of an anti-trespassing floating barrier


With his two new Scottish Subsidiaries North West Marine and DeltaMarine Jifmar has a solid experience to serve the aquaculture industry.

Together with its branches, Jifmar is able to support the entire lifetime of fish farms frominstallation to decommissioning.

Jifmar, North West Marine and Delta Marine provide turnkey solutions for fish farm operation & maintenance. 


Since its creation, JIFMAR has developed an extensive knowledge on salvage in shallow waters. Mobilizing its fleet of vessel and ROV or chartered units, the company provide turnkey solutions for:

The company has been involved in some of the most known recent salvage operations. Track records are available upon request.


As an engineering company, JIFMAR is a natural partner for all marine projects. By thinking out of the box and mobilizing extensive knowledge and expertise, our crewand engineers can help our clients sorting out all kind of marine projects.

JIFMAR’s track records go from support to entertainment shows to support of movie recording or various types of sea trials.

JIFMAR build up case by case solution for every project.


Delivering custom built solution, JIFMAR is an innovative partner for heavy transport marine logistics. Mobilizing its engineering capabilities together with extensive knowledge operations, JIFMAR builds specificly vessels and transport solution for project under constraints.

JIFMAR has been involved in the major technical stop of the French Aircraft carrier to transport some of the most critical part of the vessel inside the harbor.

JIFMAR always try to find new solutions in order to contribute to the development of green transportation. CANOPEE is an Innovative project. This 121 m vessel will be propelled by 4 articulate wings reducing the fuel consumption of the vessel by 30%.

With this solution JIFMAR is at the fore front of green transportation.