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Work performed

The contract was related to the chartering of a modular barge, support of pull in operations for IFA2 shore end project (cable interconnection between France and England).

The Workboat Certification of the barge was obtained with MSC.276(85) (English) regulation, including a 4 points mooring spread.

A Stability information booklet has to be provided, with stability analysis for the different load cases. A barge Master and an assistant were mobilized (Jifmar and VDC teams) in order to control the operations on the barge.

VDC Hydra, Pen Mahe & Fundi were also mobilized for the shore pull operation in order to perform cable pulling operation from shore.

Project Informations

Equipment: BARGE Jif B241 - 10 Modular Pontoons
Contract Type: Chartering
Date Start & Stop: 5 Months - 2019
Work Operations: HDD support & assistance