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Work performed

Jif Artemis, DP2 multipurpose vessel carried out the laying of two sections of power and communication cable between two offshore stations, respectively in North & South of Cameroun.

The first cable laying was a 3.5 km sections of ⌀63 mm, or around 35t of cable onboard. The second section, 17 km of ⌀70 mm cable, represents around 150t of carrying. 6 portions of 3 km were connected by junctions boxes.

The average depth was 20 meters, laying speed of 0.3 knots. A 200t carrousel was installed on the deck of the vessel to be able to reel the full length of the offshore section. For the installation, a tensioning spread & a chute was also mobilized. The vessel was accommodating 23 peoples in total during the offshore operation, meaning that it was the first time for the Jif Artemis to use its full capacity.

Project Informations

Equipment: JIF ARTEMIS
Location: CAMEROUN
Date Start & Stop: 2019
Work Operations: 2 Power Cable Laying Installation